Happy New Year 2018

New Year is celebrated on January 1 that is the beginning of a new calendar year. The day is a national holiday and people love celebrating it with their loved once. The celebration for New Year begins from the eve of 31st December and go on throughout the night of January 1. These days there are parties going on at different venues in cities all over the world and people dancing and singing in those parties along with their friends and family.

 Some prefer staying at home and having a family reunion to celebrate the New Year. As soon as the clock strikes 12 and marks the beginning of New Year, the whole sky is taken by the fireworks creating beautiful and colourful pattern in the dark sky. The scene is soothing to eyes and worth watching. People wish their friends and family a very happy New Year and wish for a bright new year ahead. People spend the day celebrating because they prefer welcoming the New Year with great joy so that the New Year brings some great things for them.

Here are the articles that you will need to celebrate Happy new year 2018 :

Importance of New Year : Happy New Year 2018
The question that often strikes our mind is, why do we celebrate New Year? What is the importance of New Year? And many more questions like, isn’t it like any other day of year!
Well, there might be different reasons for celebrating a New Year but the best reason is that New Year brings the precious gift of “hope” along with it.

 Without hope life is going to be harder, it is what that keeps us going throughout our life. Think it this way, if you had a bad last year in terms of business or studies and your moral is fully down. But as soon as the New Year approaches you are somehow filled with positivity and hope and you believe that the coming year is going to bring some change. You promise that you will work harder, study hard and you will overcome all the shortcomings that were there the last year.
Without hope, moving ahead in life is way too hard.

History of New Year
It is said that the concept of celebrating New Year was introduced in Mesopotamia in 2000 BC. It was celebrated in mid-march around the time of vernal equinox. 

The early Roman calendar having only 10 months, starting from March marked March 1 as the New Year. January and February were not even there in the calendar. They were added by the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius in 700 B.C. but the calendar fell out of sync over the centuries. Then in 46 B.C. the emperor Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar and insisted January 1 as the first day of year that is the New Year.

 It was mainly to honor the Months name which was on Janus the god of gateway and beginning whose two faces allowed him to look back in past and forward into the future. In medieval Europe replace the New Year on January 1 with more religious day that is December 25 (birth anniversary of Jesus Christ) but later Pope Gregory XIII again established January 1 as the New Year and December 25 turned into Christmas Day. 

Even today both the terms Christmas and New Year are used together.
In modern days that calendar that is followed all over the world is the Gregorian calendar. It marks the beginning of New Year celebration from the eve of December 31st (New Year Eve) and goes all the way to the early hours of January 1. These days the tradition of celebrating New Year is generally attending parties, dancing, singing and enjoying with friends and family. People also take New Year resolution in order to overcome the shortcomings that were there the previous year.

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